Improve recognition across teams

Boost engagement in your teams thanks to a simple tool of recognition

What is the SuperLike?

SuperLike is a tool fostering recognition across teams. Once a week, every employee is granted the ability to give a single SuperLike to one of their colleagues.

Anonymous or named along with a customed message, the SuperLike

SuperLike is born from the idea that recognition is the first engagement

« Who do you want to send a SuperLike to? »

For every stakeholder of the company

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  • Global motivation

    Create an open recognition culture, without limits of departments nor hierarchy.

  • Identify Silos

    Easily identify teams that often interact and work well together and isolated teams. Forget about intuitions, you might have some surprises reading the results!

  • Gamification

    Increase motivation and interest among your employees by including a fun daily routine such as the SuperLike.

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  • Team spirit

    Give your teams a new way of saying thank you, celebrating success, in a cheerful and fun way!

  • Interactions and groups

    Select the attributes that matter to you and identify the interaction within your teams. For exemple, learn easily if the onboarding of newcomers is a success.

  • Rendezvous

    Once a week, the employees using it are looking forward sending their weekly single SuperLike.This create a real team routine.

Man raising hand For employees

  • Fun

    Everyone can add a message along with the SuperLike : "Thak you for your help on the project X", "Congratulatios for your new responsibilities!"...

  • GIF

    Everyone can even add a Gif to their SuperLike. "A picture is worth a thousand words" they say.

  • Privacy

    The tool is strictly confidential. No possible ranking of the employees who received more SuperLikes. Everyone competes equaly with the SuperLike.

« At Elan, the Superlikes are very popular and reboost people ! Thanks to all the Supermood team for that. »

Perrine Scalabre, Responsable Ressources Humaines, Elan

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Perrine Scalabre

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